Tracklisting :

01 - High On Low Lux
02 - Hemispherical Irradiance Perspective
03 - Lumières Comfortables
04 - Full Spectral Flux Effect
05 - Shutter Closure

Obscurity is an enveloppe for light.


A week had lapsed between Flimsy Exposure inception and completion, keeping its elements bare and naive to focus on adding textures and filth wherever, departing from 9th cloud’s craftsman habits with everlasting production time, fine-tuning every single detail.

This dense opus is not polished nor meticulous but raw, immediate & abrupt, letting one feel the momentum of the original idea – the essence of the sound matter.

A fragile piece of music, yet with impact tightening the contrast one’s already felt listening to 9th cloud’s sound. A duality between a tender nostalgia & an irresistible draw towards the schwartz.


Content de vous avoir découvert par FIP Electro :)

Francesco / m o k r o ï é

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